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Ruben was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina from Italian  descendants parents.  He started working with his father at the family’s Ford Motor Dealership learning the art of communicating to satisfy people’s need.  Having traveled and lived in various parts of the world; Brazil, Uruguay, Italy, Spain, in his twenties, as well as interacting with people of all cultures and backgrounds.  At a young age, he learned how to identify with people and understood the importance of all beings under the same sky.  His demeanor and compassion for people brings out the professionalism and respect he has for all.


Ruben moved to Los Angeles in 1982, with a family of his own and the obligation to provide a new start for himself and family.  He started a wine importing business using his connections in Argentina, Italy and Spain. With much success in the business, Ruben went on to invest in real estate.  He purchased his first investment in Studio City, California in 1985.  He successfully remodeled the property and sold it for a profit.  His interest in properties, led him to enroll in UCLA Extension courses for three years to learn interior design, drawing and drafting.  These tools gave him the opportunity to complete his own blue prints and obtaining building permits on his own.  He successfully developed 12 properties.  Some of the photos on this site shows the before and after results of the projects.



By mastering the art of communication while working with his father, developing connections with people around the world, learning how to design and build properties, Ruben became a Realtor in 2001 to devote and share with his clients his knowledge and expertise in real estate.

              ABOUT RUBEN LOIOCO


Tel: 310 920 9890


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